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Footdom fantasies come true

May 19th, 2011

Today all Blake’s footdom fantasies will come true. Blake’s been a member of Men in Pain and Divine Bitches for so long we’re not even allowed to say when he started watching our femdom movies. Maitresse Madeline invites this long time fan of femdom and footdom to the Armory for a very special update centered around that part of the women’s body we all love feet! If you’re into female feet, trampling and foot worship then you’re in for a treat! Blake’s made to worship, kiss, lick, sniff, suck and clean feet while being spanked, flogged and whipped. Blake has to sniff dirty pantyhose while his cock endures painful CBT in the form of being smashed, flicked, kicked and pinched by sweaty feet and toes. He’s bent over and pounded deep in the asshole with a strap-on while being made to lick and suck toes the stinky toes of a mistress. He’s trampled and made into a doormat by both footdom ladies. Mistress Gia Dimarco squirts all over Madeline’s feet and Blake is made to lick her feet clean. Finally, they give him a kinky footjob and he’s allowed to blow his fat load of foot slut filth all over their beautiful, soft, ripe sweaty soles! Watch the FOOTDOM TUBE movie now!


Boot Fetish Slave

July 9th, 2010

A slavegirl has to lick some overknee boots

Long-legged dominant latex-wearing footdom Sandra forces innocent blonde beauty Slavegirl Blue Angel to lick her black high heels overknee boots! The blonde girl is almost totally naked and she has no other choice… She has lick her mistress´boots till they are shining. Forced to suck the heels of these stunning boots and kiss the soles! Check out the free boot fetish pics and the footdom tube clip!”

Bolnde slave girl forced to lick the overknee boots of her mistress A female shoeslave licks her mistress´boots Shoe fetish slut forced to lick the overknee boots of a mistress footdom forces blonde slave to lick her boots


Become Goddesse´s Footboy

June 23rd, 2010

Become her footboy and lick her dirty socks

Do you like young Dommes who love a man like you down at Her feet, cleaning her disgusting dirty shoe-bottoms? Do you love sniffing stinky feet of a hot footdom? Forced to sniff her stinky well-worn socks and to licking clean her sweaty, grimey barefeet? Many of the foot fetish Goddesses are not professional models, just enjoy the idea of Girl Power, Footdom and Female Superiority.

And now, bow down and worship their feet!

foot fetish goddess with white socksLicking clean her feetFootboy licks clean the feet of hos goddess

Foot Torture

May 7th, 2010

Today the mistress tries something different, she tortures a female slaves naked soles of feet with electro shocks! Uh yes, that hurts! She forces a submissive girl to lick the dirty feet of an other girl, looks like she really enjoys it ;-) Here are some nice pictures of this foot torture session and a Free BDSM and Footdom Movie.


Become Her High Heels Slave

April 17th, 2010

This time Kane has to learn to be a submissive high heels slave of his cruel mistress. Weight is hung from his balls in the form of six pairs of worn high heels. Oh man, I would love to feel her well wotn heels on my body, no matter how. Get my balls stretched with her heels would be a great plasure for me. I would thank her thousend times! Here is the High Heels Slave Gallery and the HIGH HEELS TUBE video.


Footdom Ass Fucking

April 12th, 2010

This is awesome! The Mistress of slave girl Kylie fucks the tiny ass with her bare feet! Oh Man, that´s great! I wish my mistress would sticks her foot up my ass! As you can see in this FOOTDOM TUBE clip Kylie really loves to have her ass filled with the stunning feet of Mistress Isis! She is such a awesome footdom Mistress.


Jacking off to his mistress high heels

March 30th, 2010

After his training lesson with a lot of foot worship, shoe worship, ass fucking and caning this lucky slave slut must jacking off to his mistress pumps. I hope that he licks all of her pretty shoes clean after that mess! I have to do that every time. By now I really love to lick my sperm from the shoes of my sexy mistress, It tasty good and my mistress likes it. Here is the BDSM TUBE Clip. Watch the punishment and the foot worship lesson! Some more free asian bdsm pictures you can find here.


footdom and shoe worship

The footslave sucks her toes

December 30th, 2009

Very nice, he has to suck her toes. Like a dirty dog she trains him to lick and suck her feet! This footsucking pig enjoys it! Do you want some more footdom movies?

footslave sucks toes

Lick the bare feet of your mistress

December 29th, 2009

These clips are nice, he has to lick the bare feet of his beautiful mistress. Oh man, I would love to be her footslave and lick her soles and feet a few times per day, if she likes it ;) It´s so awesome to lick the soles of sweaty feet!

lick mistress bare feet

Would you like to be under her feet and lick them?

Spanking and footlicking movie clips

December 28th, 2009

Do you like to get spanked and forced to lick her feet and shoes? Check out these hot footdom and spanking movie clips! I love it if a domina forcoing me to lick her high heels and feet.

spanking footlicking

Ball crushing and bootlicking

December 27th, 2009

lick her boots

Ok slave, lick her boots or do you want to feel some pain? Do you like ball and cock crushing? Like to feel her hard and cold soles on your cock? Squeezed harder and harder?  This kinky footslaves loves this kind of ball torture! Enjoy the ball crushingg videos

ball cock crushing

Feeding the footslave

December 24th, 2009

Of course she has to feed his footslave. Watch the footdom clips and see how she is feeding her footslave if he made no mistakes!

footslave feeding

Eat it bitch, lick it off of my feet and toes! I hope you like it!

Lick her toes

December 23rd, 2009

He has to lick and clean the best part of female feet, he has to lick between her lickable toes! Must be very tasty! He does it like a dog, watch him cleaning her feet with his tongue!

lick between her toes

Sole licking

December 22nd, 2009

He is forced to lick the soles of his mistress high heels. Come lick them clean! You love shoedom? You wish you could lick her dirty soles and sniff her smelling shoes?

lick her soles of shoes

Bound footslave jerked off

December 21st, 2009

bound footslave

This footslave has to suck and lick her feet. She jerks him off while he has to suck her toes, awesome footdom clip!

Lick your cum off of my feet

December 20th, 2009

She jerks him off! He shoot a big cumshot all over her bare feet. And then the mistress forces him to lick his cum off of her feet! Yummy, be a good footslave and lick your sperm off of my bare and stinky feet, my little footslut!

Watch the video clip now

lick cum off of feet

Trampling slave training

December 19th, 2009

Two girls doing a trampling slave training! He has to lick some dirty soles, feet and sniffs bad smelling shoes, too.
trampling slave

Would you like to become their trampling slave? Or do you like to lick and smell her unwashed feet and old shoes? Their trampling and foot slaves has to lick their feet and the feet of many friends like a dog!

Foot sniffing slave

December 18th, 2009

slave sniffs feet footsniffing slave

He is on the way to become their foot sniffing slave! Watch now what he has to do! It´s not easy to become a good foot sniffing slave, the feet of these girls are really bad smelling and the taste of their feet is, mmmh, what is the taste of feet if they are unwashed for a whole week??

foot sniffing slave

Forced to do footlicking, toesucking and shoelicking

December 17th, 2009

footlicking shoelicking

Very good, like a dog he licks the feet of his mistress! That´s a good foolicking pig! Many footdom girls wish to have a footslave like this bitch! He licks her high heels, insole and heels. He sucks her toes and soles of feet. After that he begs her to become her footrest for the rest of the evening!

Watch the footdom movies here

toelicking toesucking

Suck the feet of his mistress

December 16th, 2009

suck her heels suck her toes

Are you a good footslave? On your knees and suck the heel of your mistress shoes! Come on footslut, suck her toes! Suck her whole feet!

Watch the video now!

suck feet mistress

Foot domina takes off her pumps

December 15th, 2009

domina takes off her pumps lick her dirty high heels

She takes off her stinky high heels, just for her nasty footslave! Come and lick her old shoes and stinky feet. I hope you will love the smell of your footdom mistress high heels and dirty feet! Smell her pumps and suck her toes. This is what a foot fetish pig like you has to do!

Become her footslave now!

smell pumps and feet footslave

Footdom Girls whipping and forcing to lick their boots and feet

November 19th, 2009

footdom footlicking This footslave has to learn to listen to what his mistress say. He gets whipped and kicked while he has to kiss the boots of his foot fetish mistress. Here is the footdom clip! After he stands some nice whippings, he get forced to lick the bare feet and suck the dirty feet of his domina.

If you like more footdom like this, check out my favorite footdom site!

If you like hard dominatrix videos, here´s a collection of free clips.

The perfect place for a foot slut like me

November 2nd, 2009

This is the perfect place for a foot slave! Under the table, always there to worship the feet of his mistress. I must stay there sometime for a whole one hour session. I like it, I always watching my mistress feet and hoping she commands me to massage her tired feet. But she mostly let me crouch there. Sometimes I get a kick, just for fun. Sometimes there is a dog bowl full of champagne or water. She put her toes inside and I have to wash her dirty toes. If I finished, I have to drink her old feet-champagne… I like this kind of cocktail and I love to be her foot slut!!! Here you can find the footdom movie of the foot slut.

High Heels Domination

October 30th, 2009

This sexy footdom mistress id doing a great high heels domination lesson! Her slave has to suck her heels, lick the soles of her dirty shoesa nd kiss her dirty and smelly feet. This foot fetish mistress knows how to teaching a slave! Would you like to enjoy a footdom and high heels domination lesson with this sexy feet domina?
high heels domination

I´m pretty sure that she could teaches me to be a real submissive slave!

If you see her high heels dom Movies you know what I mean…

While I´m writing this post I´m watching the movie and jerking off. Good that my foot mistress not see me now ;) Than I had ta take a real hard punishment.

Footdom Training

October 29th, 2009

Foot domination training for a naughty footslave! He has to learn to suck the feet of his foot domina. But I´m sure that these two sexy femdom mistresses will teches him to do everything with their feet what they want! I would do everything!

foot dominationWhat about this!? Would you face the foot domination training if you have to sniff her smelly feet, of both mistresses?? Would you taste her feet between her toes, lick it clean, all the dirt, all the sweat? Would you lick their bare soles, one hour or more??? Would you open your slave mouth wide and suck her rough heels? And suck them till they are smooth and clean?? Could you stand much more?

smelly feet licking toes

sucking rough heel till they are smooth foot sniffing

For me it would be heaven! And what about you? You think this is the right place for you!?

Check out the full footdom movies and try not to cum to fast ;)

Asian foot domination

October 28th, 2009

Do you like asian foot domination? Great! Here is a awesome footdom movie! The asian foot mistress starts to trample him, forces him to lick and suck her toes and bare feet and then she is doing some balls kicking! Ouch!!! A cruel femdom lady whoe discovers footdom!

Nice footdom Clip

October 27th, 2009

Here is  one more nice footdom clip! The beautiful lady is angry with her slave so he has to worship her dirty and tired feet. Her feet are smelling disgusting and they are dirty but he done a great job! He licking her dirty soles with his tongue, yummy. I never taste dirty feet ike this! Do you?

The footdom mistress slaps him with her feet! That is awesome! I appreciate it if my foot domina slaps my face with her feet. Mostly her feet are little wet. She has sweaty feet but I love it. After slapping my, I may lick her sweaty and smelly feet dry and clean. sometimes is hard but I want to be a good footslave and because of that I always lick her feet if she commands me to do!

Do you want to see more FOOTDOM MOVIES like this?

Footdom Ladys forcing their footslave

October 27th, 2009

footdom girls

What king of footslave ios that?! Why his Footdom Mistress has to forces him to smell her adorable Shoes?? If I had a slave like this footslut, I would give him whipplashes till he begs me to smell my shoes!!! If my Footslaves welcomes me, he has to kiss my feet. I always notice that he tryes to smell my shoes. Mostly I have to give im a kick that he stops sniffing my feet and shoes. Why?? I disallowed it!!! If I say kiss my feet, I mean just kiss my feet and not smell, lick or something. If a slave do this, I think it´s disrespect for his footdom Mistress! Here are some more pictures of these footdom ladys. What about you, do you think you would be a good footslave? Could you serve a footdom Mistress proper? Anyways, I love this footdom site and hope you enjoy the footdom movies there!

footdom footjobDo you think this disobedient foot slut deserved a footjob like this? Oh no, I would use my feet just to kick his naughty ass!!!  Jerks him off with my feet!! NO WAY!!! By the way, do you know this foot worhip tgp?

Perfect footdom Mistress

October 25th, 2009

This is my favorite footdom mistress. She is absolutely awesome! Her stunning feet makes me totally submissive to her.  I love the way she lives the footdom! Do you see the slave in this foot and shoe sniffing movie!? She fixes her stinky and well worn shoes in his face! Oh man, serving her while having her shoes in the face must be a great feeling. I would suffer a lot of punishments just to be close to her feet or even just smell her old shoes! This foot domination Mistress makes me absolutely submissive. If somebody said that it is  a penalization if he has to smell her feet or shoes, for me it is a honor and a big reward!


I would love to become her 24/7 foot slave! I´ll try to find more feetdom picture of this cruel foot mistress.

Here are more cruel movies of this perfect footdom mistress!

Sucking toes of his footdom lady

October 24th, 2009

This foot slave is tortured by the heels of his mistress, getting a few whiplashes and forced to suck the toes of his blonde footdom bitch! He does a great job, sucking the big toe of her sexy feet real deep!
footdom sucking toes
Do you think her feet are smelly? I love smelly feet! If they are stinky and sweaty I would lick her soles from her heel to her delicious toes! Feeling the smooth skin of her feet on my tonge and taste her sweaty soles would make my cock hard in a few seconds! Watch this femdom movie here in full length. Do you know what is realy hot!? sticking your tongue between toes and lick it! Gosh, I love to do it with the feet of my Foot Mistress! How often do you visit your footdom domina?